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January 2014

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Project Updates

04/09/14 - Noisy Work Date Change

The very noisy work of drilling through the roof columns to create anchor sites for the heavy HVAC units will not take place the week of April 14, as we had announced. This work will be done the week of April 21 or 28 and will be completed before exams begin on May 1 or we will postpone the work until after exams. As soon as we know the specific dates, we will publicize those. The noise and vibration will last 2 to 3 days. Rain will delay this work.

03/28/14 - 4 Day Work Week & NOISE in April

Workmen will usually be on-site only 4 days a week through the rest of the semester: Monday through Thursday, from 5 am until 3 pm. This means all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday should be free of construction noise. On-site workers will attempt to do the noisiest work early in the workday.

For 2 or 3 days in mid-April (currently planned for April 14-16), it will be EXTREMELY NOISY. Workmen will be drilling through the concrete roof and columns to install anchors for the new air handling units on the roof. We have been warned that THE NOISE & VIBRATIONS WILL BE HEARD & FELT THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING. This work cannot be done in the rain, so the dates will move back if the weather is bad.

Work will begin in the ceilings of the 4th floor in early May. This work will be done at night and should not interfere with classes. The floor will remain open but certain areas will be off-limits when work is being done. We'll send out details as these plans move forward.

03/13/14 - Noisy Days in March & April

Phase 1 of the HVAC project on the 3rd floor of the library is moving along well. As you will recall, the work has been scheduled from 5 am until 1 pm Mondays through Fridays to give students as much quiet study time as possible in the afternoons and evenings. During the next 4-5 weeks the project will be noisy. Impact hammering and drilling will be required to hang conduit and ductwork from the concrete ceiling. As much as possible, the contractors will try to stage the work so that the loudest work will be done early in the day, beginning at 5 am. Students might want to find alternative places to study outside the library early in the day or move around the building to find an area that is not as noisy.

Check the digital sign displays on the 2d and 4th floors of the library for updates and noise alerts.

This is the plan of work during the next 5 weeks:

March 17-21 conduit installation: impact hammers/drilling into concrete ceilings
March 24-April 4 sheet metal for ductwork arrives & fabrication/installation begins: impact hammers/drilling into concrete ceilings
April 7-18 low pressure ductwork fabrication & installation. This is the LOUDEST step in the process & will last about 2 weeks

Purpose: To stabilize heating & AC in the Library.
No more blankets, gloves and knit hats to survive a study session on the third floor.

During the next year, the heating and AC systems for the library's 3rd and 4th floors will be updated. The results will be a greatly improved and more comfortable environment for study and work. The 3rd floor requires complete system redesign and replacement, a new lighting system, and a new ceiling. The work on the 3rd floor will be done in 2 phases, each lasting 4-6 months. During each phase, half the floor will be unavailable for use. Work on the 4th floor will not be as extensive, but areas of the floor will be off-limits for a few days at a time as work above the ceiling is done. Check this site for project announcements and timelines as we move forward.

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