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January 2014

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Project Updates

06/24/14 - No AC & Noisy Drilling

There will be NO AIR CONDITIONING on the 3rd and 4th floors of the library on Tuesday, June 24. Problems arose with the work Tuesday morning, requiring a longer outage than initially planned.

Core drilling through the concrete roof will be done all day on Wednesday, June 25 and Thursday, June 25 (7 am-3:30 pm). While this work will not be directly above the classrooms or 405, it will be close by. Drilling will occur over the fire exit on the north (BSB) and south (hospital) sides of the building and above the electrical power room and the service desk in the center of the building. This will be noisy and might make it more difficult to communicate in the classrooms and other areas of the 4th floor.

Rain will delay this work. Drilling cannot be done in the rain.

06/19/14 - Roof Work Continues NO AC Weekend of June 28

The roof will be the focus of work in the upcoming week, with a large crane lift scheduled for Saturday, June 28. Existing air handling units will be taken off the roof and the new units will be put in place. The front (horseshoe) entrance will be blocked. Students should enter the building from the back (ART side) or through the 2d floor catwalks.

This work requires air conditioning interruptions. THE ENTIRE BUILDING WILL BE WITHOUT AC the morning of Tuesday, June 24 for about 4 hours: 6 am to 10 am.

THE 3RD FLOOR will have NO AC for 3 FULL DAYS, beginning Friday, June 27 at 6 am and ending Monday morning, June 30 at 7 am.
Spot coolers will be placed around the 3rd floor to provide some relief from the heat.

Work continues on the 3rd floor ceiling. The soffits around the windows are being built and the grid for the new ceiling is being installed over the next week. Soon new lights will be installed.

06/03/14 - Roof and Ceiling work in June

The new ceiling on the 3rd floor will be under construction by the second week in June. Perimeter soffits will be built initially and the ceiling grid will be installed. The work is not unduly noisy, but similar to the hammering heard when the ductwork was being installed.

Roof work has begun and will continue through the next few months. Currently, steel supports for the new HVAC units and piping are being installed and sealed. This can be noisy, requiring concrete core drilling and impact hammering at intermittent intervals. The noise will move around the roof, as the 4 support platforms are constructed.

A giant crane will lift the new units onto the roof and remove the obsolete units the weekend of June 14-15 unless rain delays the progress of the work on the roof.

Work in the 4th floor ceiling has been completed for now. In July, new ductwork will be installed in the ceilings near the fire exits on the south (hospital) and north (Basic Science Building) sides of the building.

Purpose: To stabilize heating & AC in the Library.
No more blankets, gloves and knit hats to survive a study session on the third floor.

During the next year, the heating and AC systems for the library's 3rd and 4th floors will be updated. The results will be a greatly improved and more comfortable environment for study and work. The 3rd floor requires complete system redesign and replacement, a new lighting system, and a new ceiling. The work on the 3rd floor will be done in 2 phases, each lasting 4-6 months. During each phase, half the floor will be unavailable for use. Work on the 4th floor will not be as extensive, but areas of the floor will be off-limits for a few days at a time as work above the ceiling is done. Check this site for project announcements and timelines as we move forward.

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